Our new nano-structured high performance layer

SISTRAL – on the basis of our very successful more advanced EXXTRAL,
• for even higher requirements in case of machining, in the foreground
• for the dry high-speed processing of hardened materials (>54 HRC). SISTRAL, which is also anthracite colored, is characterized by a very high hardness that still protects against wear also at high temperatures, and an exceptional oxidation stability.


Cutting tasks (milling, drilling, turning, sawing, etc. ) under in-service conditions, where other layers reach the limits of thermal and mechanical loading capacity. High-performance machining (HSC) of very abrasive or hard materials (steel > 54 HRC) in dry high-speed application.

Deposition technology:

SISTRAL is deposited in latest eifeler PVD ARC systems. With temperatures of approx. 450° C high-performance cemented carbides are mainly coated. The coating of tool steels and HSS is also possible!

In numbers:

Material: Aluminum-titanium nitride (with additives), AlTiN (nano-structured)
Microhardness HV 0.05: 3400 ± 500
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0.7
Layer thickness [?m] : 2 – 4 [1]
Maximum application temperature: 900° C / 1650° F
Color: Anthracite
General characteristic: Extremely high oxidation and wear resistance, high warm hardness
Preferred applications: Machining under extreme conditions; high-performance cutting of very abrasive or hard materials (steel > 54 HRc); Inconel machining

[1] Dependent on tool size, also for micro-tools less than 2 ?m.

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