ZrCN – Zirconium carbo-nitride

Excellent resistance against corrosion

ZrCN has an excellent resistance against corrosion and abrasive wear, characterized by its high hardness, by its tribological properties and by its toughness. With respect to the bright-yellow ZrN, the brownish ZrCN indicates an increased abrasion resistance as it is required particularly during machining of Si-containing Al alloys.


The ZrCN coating in especially suitable for the processing of aluminum alloys and a good selection for the processing of non-ferrous metals. Here it is noted that the ZrCN layer scarcely sticks to light metals. In combination with the high hardness therefore ZrCN offers an exceptional solution for the machining of Si-containing Al alloys to about 8% Si content. For the processing of fiberglass, nylon and the majority of the polymer materials, the ZrCN layer is recommended as well.

Stamping and forming:

For applications in the area of light metals where the TiN coating leads to cold welding. And where an increased corrosion protection is required with simultaneously high abrasion resistance.

Coating process:

The ZrCN layer is produced by means of eifeler arc technology. This allows the adhesion-strong coating of substrates such as cemented carbide, HSS and many other materials with temperatures up to 450°C.

Properties of ZrCN:

In numbers:

Hardness: 3.100 ± 300 HV
Maximum application temperature: 600°C / 1110°F
Coeff. of friction steel: 0.5
Layer thickness: 1-4 µm
Color: brownish-silver

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