CALOX® - The CVD coating for cutting tools

This Al2O3 based high-performance coating is a guarantee for wear protection and high resistance against oxidation.
The coating scope of CALOX® is the high-performance machining of steel and cast iron. Typically hard metal turning and milling tools can be coated with this. A high degree of Al2O3 in the CALOX® coating ensures the excellent resistance against oxidation and the protection against wearing in very high working temperatures.
Furthermore, due to a multilayer structure, the coating shows high toughness, which helps to stabilize the wear protection of the surfaces and edges of the working area.


  • Low heat conductivity for machining tools with very high heat resistance requirement
  • Very high hot hardeness reduces abrasive and adhesive wear
  • TiN layer for better wear-detection and recution of friction
  • Special adhesion layer ability to bear big loads

The CALOX® Advantages

Hardness: 3000 ± 500 HV
Max.application temp.: 1200°C / 2200 °F
Coating thickness: 7 – 9 μm
Edgerounding at delivery min. 20-30 μm
Color: Black

Datasheet CALOX®