CARBON-X® - Low friction even under tough conditions

  • Outstanding wear resistance due to high hardness
  • Low friction and reduced sticking of workpiece material
  • Enhanced tool performance and longer lifetime

CARBON-X® is a new low-friction a-C:H based DLC coating from eifeler.
Thanks to its high hardness CARBON-X® is the right choice for applications where high abrasive wear occurs and softer tribological coatings reach their limits.
Additionally, the welding of workpiece material to tooling is significantly reduced resulting in extended tool life.
The design of eifelers CARBON-X® coating delivers top performance even under the toughest conditions.


  • Cutting of non-ferrous metals
  • Blanking /piercing of non-ferrous metals
  • Coldwork
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Components

Coating Properties

Hardness 2.400 ± 400 HV
Max. application temp. 325 °C / 617 °F
Coeff. of friction against steel 0,05-0,15
Coating thickness 1,5-2,5 µm
Colour dark grey

Datasheet CARBON-X®