CVD coatings

The coating systems (TiC, TiN/TiC or TiC/TiN) are build with a layer thickness of 7 – 10 µm. Due to the very good adhesion with simultaneous very high hardness, these layers are also designated as heavy-load capable! As a result of the chemical process, the coating of bores and undercuts is also possible reproducibly!

In industrial application this technology still has its place, just as in the portfolio of the voestalpine eifeler Group. High-alloyed tool steels, HSS and PM materials and also cemented carbides are coated. Steel tools must be subjected to a post-coating heat treatment. This must occur in vacuum, therefore the hardenability in vacuum is a necessary prerequisite for the tool steels to be treated CVD.

Particularly because of the necessary post-heat treatment, the material selection and the processing steps to be coordinated to the CVD coating are an important subject.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are pleased to provide advisory support!

Areas of application for CVD coating:

Metal sheet forming technology, deep drawing, cold forging, stamping and bending-technology and in certain areas of cutting technology!

Our well-proven and excellent CVD coatings :