EXXTRAL®-plus - For high-performance cutting

EXXTRAL®-plus, a coating based on aluminum-titanium nitride, for the highest requirements in cutting of hardened steel, in case of high-performance cutting with or without cooling lubricant.

The anthracite-coloured EXXTRAL®-plus is characterized by a very high hardness. The properties are retained up to high thermal and mechanical loads. EXXTRAL®-plus is highly inoxidizable and is provided with a low heat conduction coefficient.


  • Cutting
    Main focus on cemented carbide milling tools for hard cutting and in the high-performance machining!

Deposition technology:

Application of the EXXTRAL® layers is implemented by means of PVD technology. This allows the deposition of the layer on tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides or many other materials with temperatures less than 450° C.

In numbers:

Material: Aluminum-titanium nitride, AlTiN (stacked)
Microhardness HV 0.05: 3300 ± 300
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0,7
Layer thickness [µm]: 2 – 4 [1]
Maximum application temperature: 800° C / 1470° F
Color: Anthracite
General characteristic: High hardness, high oxidation stability, low heat conduction coefficient
Preferred applications: Processing of hardened steel; high-performance process, lubricated (KSS), semi-dry (MMS) or dry processing; Cutting oprations under in-service conditions, where other layers reach the limit of the thermal and mechanical stability

[1] Dependent on tool size, also for micro-tools of less than 2 µm.

Datasheet EXXTRAL®-plus