EXXTRAL®-silver - Our aluminum-titanium chrome nitride layer

EXXTRAL®-silver, an aluminum-titanium chrome nitride layer, for special applications of cutting of materials which tend to bonding!

The silver colored layer is characterized by high hardness and oxidation stability and is designed for a minimization of the adhesion tendency during processing of Al alloys and non-ferrous metals!


Mainly in the cutting of Al alloys, stainless steel and grey cast iron!

Deposition technology:

The application of the EXXTRAL® coatings takes place by means of PVD technology. This allows the deposition of the layer on tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides or other materials with temperatures less than 450° C.

In numbers:

Material: Aluminum-titanium chromium nitride, AlTiCrN (stacked)
Microhardness HV 0.05: 3000 ± 300
Coefficient of friction against steel 100 Cr6: 0,4
Layer thickness [µm] : 2 – 4 [1]
Maximum application temperature: 800° C / 1470° F
Color: Silver
General Characteristics: High hardness, high oxidation stability, low coefficient of friction
Preferred applications: Processing of abrasive materials or materials tending to welding (stainless steel, gray cast iron, Si-rich Al alloy); machining of Al alloys & non-ferrous metals

[1] Dependent on tool size, for micro-tools also of less than 2 µm.

Datasheet EXXTRAL®-silver