11/2018 Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1000 - Ideally positioned for the future.

Just in time for the 25th International Technology Trade Fair for Sheet Metal Working, Euroblech in Hanover, voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH has presented a new high-performance coating for the forming of ultra-high-strength sheets and steels. With the new coating Duplex VARIANTIC®-1000, voestalpine eifeler has found the solution for today’s requirements and challenges in the area of ​​lightweight construction and reduction of CO emissions and offers another future-proof duplex PVD coating on the market.

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eifeler is part of the voestalpine family

Within a voestalpine wide rebranding campaign eifeler now shows its strong membership to voestalpine with a new and fresh look and voestalpine design.

Starting 1.4.2018 eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH is now named voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH,
eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH is now voestalpine eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH and
eifeler Vacotec GmbH is named voestalpine eifeler Vacotec GmbH.

These namechanges have no influence on existing contracts and agreements
and it will bei like it still is:

We take perfection personally


12/2017 CARBON-X® – The new DLC-hard coating

The new DLC hard coating from eifeler for the cutting and forming area with the focus on the machining of aluminum and non-ferrous metals.
Your product for reliable tool performance even under the toughest conditions.

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07/2017 CROSAL®-plus –Your plus in metal cutting

CROSAL®-plus is eifeler’s next generation AlCrN based hard coating.
The new coating system is an advanced development of our well-established CROSAL® coating.

CROSAL®-plus is perfectly suited for challenging applications within the field of dry cutting, punching and forming, that are benefiting from the enhanced properties profile of CROSAL®-plus.

You’ll find further information on our product page.

eifeler starts a CD-Laboratory with University of Leoben

The Monatan University of Leoben, has set up a new laboratory, the Christian Doppler Laboratory, for the development of new, state of the art arc-coating technologies. This has been done with cooperation and support of the Austrian Science and Economic Affairs. The eifeler Group is the industrial partner for this. Additionally, new nanostructured coatings with improved quality and performance for application of the tools in extreme situations, have been developed.

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Smooth arc coatings „ultrafine“

Smooth arc coatings „ultrafine“: at the AMB 2104 eifeler shows smooth and dense PVD arc coatings of type „ultrafine“ made by the unique SPCS-technology.

Significantly smoother arc coatings with a low amount of defects in combination with excellent adhesion and high hardness are predestinated for several applications: plastic moulding, micro cutting, medical components, cutting.

Please take a closer look at our factsheet Datenblatt SPCS-ultrafine_V5_englisch


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