Laser hardening

Laser hardening, like flame and induction hardening, is a surface hardening process.

In the laser hardening process, the laser beam with adjustable focal spot size is guided over the load-bearing functional surfaces by means of a CNC-controlled multi-axis system or a robot. Through measurement of the temperature in the beam geometry, a uniform application of heat is ensured.

The functional areas are heated up very quickly by a focussed laser beam to the specific required transformation temperature, and they are then quenched by the cold volume of the component. The extremely high speed of heat input with almost simultaneous self-quenching reduces warping significantly. Depending on the geometry, the heat treatment process is low-warping to warp-free.


  • Zones subject to wear can be hardened precisely and specifically to the contour
  • Hard edge zone, tough core
  • Avoidance of component warping
  • Minimal thermal stress
  • Minimal reworking costs


  • Limited locally to the wear zones
  • Retains component toughness outside the wear zone
  • Minimal, often negligible thermal warping
  • Local, brief and intense heating with subsequent hardening process caused by self-quenching (no quenching medium needed, depth of hardening depends on the hardening temperature and exposure time)
  • Consistently high processing quality thanks to CNC control
  • Greatly reduces or completely avoids reworking costs
  • High flexibility and just-in-time delivery possible

The specialists for innovative laser hardening

Effective laser hardening of surfaces is one of our core competences. This innovative technology, like flame and induction hardening, is a surface hardening process and it offers many advantages. For example, zones that are subject to wear can be hardened precisely and specifically to the contour. Thanks to the very high speed of heat application combined with practically simultaneous self-quenching, laser hardening reduces warping. Depending on the geometry of the parts, laser hardening is low-warping to warp-free. Further benefits of laser hardening include minimal thermal stress and low reworking costs. Have we sparked your interest? Then feel free to contact us with your questions about special laser hardening.

Our range of products for efficient laser material processing offers you many additional advantages. If, for example, you are interested in DMD or LMD technology, we are also the right contact for you. These methods are perfectly suited to fast and thorough optimising of the surfaces of tools and components. These technologies are ideal for providing wear protection or for making repairs.

The specialists for innovative laser hardening



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Application examples of laser hardening

  • Tools and moulds in forming technology – bending and cutting edges
  • Plastics industry – compression and closing edges
  • Gear and motor components
  • Generally, all components that require surface-hardening
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