SUPRAL - The universal multiple-layer coating

A TiAlN-based hard coating, especially developed for drilling under extreme conditions.

Where is SUPRAL employed?

Exceptional results during drilling, also with inferior cooling and tools without inner cooling. Outstanding results also during milling and forming, as well as drilling.

General characteristics:

  • High hardness
  • High oxidation stability
  • Low friction

Preferred applications:

  • Very suitable for drilling steel to 45HRC
  • For a large range of cemented carbides, cerment and HSS tools
  • Excellently for machining of cast iron
  • High-speed machining, semi-dry (MMS) or dry processing

In numbers:

Hardness: 3.500 ± 500 HV
Maximum application temperature: 800°C / 1.470°F
Coefficient of friction against steel: < 0,5
Layer thickness: 2-4 µm
Color: Black

Datasheet SUPRAL