TiN/TiC - still ductile with high hardness

The titanium nitride / titanium carbide combination layer is a standard layer well-proven over a long time. It indicates the following properties:

  • Very high hardness
  • Very good adhesion
  • Sufficient toughness


  • Shaping:
    Drawing, stamping, pressing and deformation tools for the processing of Fe metals and steel sheets;
    particularly suitable for the processing of thicker plates at high surface pressure.

Special features:

The combination of very high hardness, sufficient toughness and higher layer thicknesses results in significant durability improvements in the area of the metal forming of thick steel sheets. The CVD coating technology guarantees the highest level of adhesion and wear reserve in case of tools which are not too critical concerning dimensional accuracy. With respect to TiC/TiN with higher hardness and still sufficient ductility.

Deposition technology:

The deposition of the layers is implemented according to the CVD process at approx. 1000°C. This guarantees the highest level of adhesion. The higher layer thickness of up to 10 micrometers is possible through the CVD process offers a welcome wear reserve in case of many applications.

In numbers:

Material: Titanium nitride/titanium carbide (multi layers)
Micro-hardness HV 0.05: 3000 ± 300
Coefficient of friction against 100Cr6 steel: 0,2
Layer thickness [µm]: 7 – 10
Maximum application temperature: 450° C / 800° F
Color: Grau Metallisch
General characteristics: The compromise between TiC/TiN and TiC
Preferred applications: In case of higher and high-strength sheet materials and larger sheet metal thicknesses.

Datasheet TiN/TiC