TOPMATIC - Abrasion resistance and high level of adhesion on substrate


This layer on the basis of TiAlN is relatively tough and can therefore be deposited in comparably high layer thicknesses. The adhesion of the coating is outstanding.


Everywhere there is uniform abrasive wear, TOPMATIC can add the determining plus to durability. The ductile structure, together with the hardness 2,800 HV with the layers unusually thick for PVD deposition offer an enormous wear cushion. The advantages of TOPMATIC are indicated in the forming and cutting of sheet steel, just the same as during cold forging. For the processing of high-strength steels, we recommend layers with higher hardness, such as e.g. TiCN, VARIANTIC or DUMATIC.


The CVD layers can hardly be surpassed concerning adhesion and wear reserve. However, the high coating temperatures cause changes of dimensions on the tools, which limit strongly the range of application of the CVD layers. Here the TOPMATIC can significantly reduce the gap between PVD and CVD in certain cases: Adhesion and layer thickness are almost on the level of the CVD layers! And that with coating temperatures of < 500°C, so that the tool dimensions are not changed in case of suitably heat-treated steels.

In numbers:

Hardness: 2.800 ± 300 HV
Maximum application temperature: 700°C / 1.292°F
Coeff. Of friction against steel: 0,6
Layer thickness: 5-10 µm
Color: Aubergine

Datasheet TOPMATIC