PVD-Arc Coating Systems

Starting with the compact alpha200 and extending to the large alpha900P, all PVD coating systems are produced in Duesseldorf. voestalpine eifeler-Vacotec produces PVD systems not only for its own group, but systems are also designed and manufactured for the international coating market.

Our customers are distributed throughout the world.

The arc technology proves itself every day in many applications in the sectors of tools and components. Beside the process-secure adhesive strength, arc layers indicate a very high resistance to wear. Also, because the arc process is comparable economical, arc coatings are the industrial standard for tools since many years.

For the micro-defects (“droplets”) of the normal arc layer, eifeler counters with SPCS technology: Smooth, dense and low-defect arc layers with all advantages of the known arc process. These “ultrafine” layers have significant advantages for many applications.

The surface loading is frequently extremely high with the application of coated tools. Here the usual tool steels then approach their loading limits. With the duplex PVD coating, eifeler offers an effective and very successful concept.

Our product range of PVD systems: