CARBON-X®-AL – The new low friction coating for aluminium forming

With the CARBON-X-AL®, our new friction-reducing, hard and smooth coating solution, you will achieve even more cost-efficient production results in aluminium forming. The multilayer-coating with friction-reducing effect works with less lubricant, thereby reducing both your costs and your ecological “footprint.”

Up to 76% more performance compared to similar coatings

During the impact extrusion of aluminium discs, an increase in performance of approx. 76 % was achieved compared to chemically comparable coating systems. At the same time, it showed that using the eifeler sputter technology (150 – 200 °C) resulted in a low temperature load on the tool, treating the tool more careful.

Die neue Schicht für die Aluminium-Umformung


Hardness 2,400 ± 400HV
Coating thicknesses 3 – 4 µm
Maximum application temperature 325 °C / 617 °F
Coefficient of friction against steel(µ) 0.05 – 0.1
Roughness R0: 0.011 µm
RZ: 0.109 µm
Colour Dark grey

Cares for environment, reduces costs

  • As you need less lubricant in your production, you reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous materials.
  • The lower amount of lubricants reduces your costs for material and waste disposal as well as the time for cleaning.

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Product datasheet

Product datasheet for CARBON-X®-AL

Application Story

Application-Story available for download

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Richard Hocke

Richard Hocke

Product Manager Forming Tools

The DLC-based CARBON-X®-AL coating combines diamond-like hardness with the lubricity of graphite, which enables its use under reduced lubrication. This in turn leads to an environmentally friendly process that enables an overall reduction in production costs and increases your economic competitiveness

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