Duplex treatment = Plasma nitriding + PVD coating in one process

The combination of a thermochemical plasma nitriding process with the following deposition of a voestalpine eifeler PVD coating in a non-interrupted vacuum system process we call duplex treatment.

The surface hardness of the tool material is definitively increased, which contributes considerably to the increase in performance of the PVD coating.

Therefore we developed a nitriding process, suitable for this procedure and applied it on our alpha 400 and alpha 900 coating systems, where it is performed before the coating process. Basically all coating- and nitriding-capable steel materials are suited for this process.

Tools are an application emphasis for which this procedure currently is selected regularly and successfully for the forming of high-strength sheet materials. VARIANTIC or TiCN is often utilized in this manner.

Combinations with other coatings are also possible. For consultation in concrete applications, our executive consultants are available to you at all times.

The following advantages result for you:

  • Ideal structure of a hardness gradient from the tough-hard tool core, through a higher supporting hardness in the interface, extending to the extremely hard and wear resistant tool surface.
  • A considerably increased support effect therefore results for the extremely hard and brittle ceramic wear protection layer.
  • The absorbing ability for pressure loads increases significantly!

Datasheet Duplex treatment

Example applications for the duplex treatment:

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