Our Competence Centre for aerospace products at the Schnaittach site

Our Competence Centre for aerospace products at the Schnaittach site is active since 2002 and therefore has a vast experience in this field. It offers you as a customer the following advantages:

  • Incoming goods department with quality control for aerospace products
  • Approved coating machines for the aerospace industry
  • Experienced production staff
  • Special material flows for aerospace products

PVD coating

High quality standards apply in the aerospace industry to ensure safety. With our high-performance coatings, we have high-quality products that fulfil these quality requirements. The DIN EN 9100 and Nadcap accreditation of our PVD department in Schnaittach confirm our high-quality standards. We are also listed as an official Rolls-Royce supplier. Other major engine manufacturers are of course also among our customers.

The coating process is specifically adapted to your parts and is frozen as required in the aviation industry. This enables us to provide you with an optimum, consistent quality.

You can find our PVD product solutions here.

Application examples

EXXTRAL®-NT coating of copper coils for aerospace applications with specially developed fixation to maintain the shape during the entire coating process.

Advantages of EXXTRAL® coating:

  • High oxidation resistance (800 °C)
  • High temperature hardness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low heat conduction coefficient

Coating properties:

Hardness 3300 ± 300 HV
Max. Operating temperature 800 °C / 930 °F
Coating thickness 2–5 µm*
Colour anthracite

*Standard coating – customised adaptations possible

TiN coating of the flange surface of inner and outer flight bearing rings (approx. Ø 50 to 540 mm), see picture below.

Advantages of TiN coating:

  • High wear protection
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Prevention of cold welding

Coating properties:

Hardness 2300 ± 200 HV
Max. Operating temperature 500 °C / 930 °F
Coating friction against steel 0,6
Coating thickness 2–6 µm
Colour gold

Heat treatment

Our heat treatment in Schnaittach is certified according to DIN EN 9100 and has many years of experience in the processing of aerospace parts. We cover the following treatments in vacuum: hardening, interrupted hardening, hot bath simulation, tempering, precipitation hardening – ageing, annealing, soft annealing, normalising and stress relief annealing.

Application examples:

  • Hardening of bolt heads (14 x 16 mm) in accordance with AMS 2759
  • Ageing of bars (Ø101 x 800 mm) according to AMS 5663

Furnace specification:

Type Vacuum hardening furnace TAV
Batch size 600 x 600x 900 mm (H x W x D)

Max. 500 kg

Ahoefa Hochfellner

QMB/Responsible for Aviation Activities

T: +49 9153 9227-21

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