SUBLIME® – The coating that redefines service life in gear manufacturing

The SUBLIME® tool coating was developed for the special requirements in gear manufacturing. Especially when cutting internal and external gears in steel workpieces, long cutting paths and high cutting speeds are required. The SUBLIME® layer considerably reduces the wear of your gear cutting tools.

Up to 130% longer service life in the gear teeth

In tests with commercially available hobs, the new, innovative SUBLIME® coating was compared with other coatings. The results show increases in tool life of up to 130%.


Coating properties

Hardness 3,300 ± 200 HV
Coating Thicknesses 3.0 ± 1,0 µm
Maximum Operating Temperature 1,100 °C / 2,012 °F
Friction Coefficient vs. Steel (µ) 0.7 – 0.8
Roughness < 0.07 µm
Colour Grey



Innovative layer architecture

SUBLIME® is produced in the PVD systems of voestalpine eifeler Vacotec GmbH and is based on AlCrN and AlTiN as coating materials. This combination produces an impact-resistant, temperature-resistant coating with optimum adhesion. Thanks to its layer architecture and elements, SUBLIME® achieves top wear resistance, even at the high temperatures that often occur in gear teeth.


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Alexandra Hollweck

Alexandra Hollweck

Product Manager of Machining

We hear again and again from our customers the desire to produce a layer with maximum performance for gear teeth. With SUBLIME®, we are now achieving values that represent a real leap forward. Compared to CROSAL®-plus, our previous standard coating in this area, the service life is 130% longer. This enables our customers to achieve a noticeable increase in productivity.

Alexandra Hollweck, Product Manager of Machining at voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH

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