We are the specialists for laser hardening and laser cladding

Hardness where it’s needed most

The power of a concentrated beam of light allows us to apply the technologies of laser hardening and laser cladding to the surfaces of your tools. Innovative laser hardening has superseded inductive hardening and flame hardening in many applications.

This special laser hardening technology offers multiple advantages in practice: Particularly in areas that are prone to wear quickly, innovative laser hardening enables precise and contour-specific hardening. One important reason for this is the extremely high speed of heat input in laser hardening coupled with the almost simultaneous self-quenching. Further benefits of laser hardening: Overall, the thermal stress is minimal, resulting in little to no warping of the hardened parts.

Our range of laser material processing technologies also includes the DMD (direct metal deposition) and LMD (laser metal deposition) methods. These involve modern and flexible technology that can be used to quickly and efficiently optimise the surfaces of tools and components. Surfaces can be treated with a laser to deposit special materials in order to provide wear protection, for repairs or to make modifications. In addition, it is possible to alter the surface properties (for example, improved thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance or high temperature strength).

Like laser hardening, the very new technology of laser cladding also provides many advantages: Laser cladding can be used to apply the wear protection layer in a targeted manner. It is also possible to produce functional layers on more economical base materials.

We are focussed on providing our customers with the latest system technology while simultaneously continuously and vigorously developing our own processes.

Overview of our services

Laser hardening
Laser hardening

Effective laser hardening is one of our core competences


Laser cladding
Laser cladding

We are the specialists in the field of laser cladding



ppa. Dr. Christopher Wiednig

Head of Production, Sales and Technology

T: +49 (211) 5222311


Richard Kellett

Technical Business Development Manager Region Central Europe

T: +49 151 688 364 86

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