Suitable areas of application
  • Machining
  • Plastic mold construction
  • Forming - cold work
  • Forming - hot work
  • Wood industry
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Medical technology - components
  • Automotive - components
  • Mechanical engineering - components
  • Aviation - components

Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400 – multi-layer coating for AHSS processing

The innovative Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400 coating has been specially designed for processing ultra-high-strength sheet steel. Its multi-layer, extremely non-wearing design is more than up to the tough requirements posed by AHSS sheet steel up to 1,400 MPa.

Benefit from considerably enhanced tool durability and significantly improved workpiece quality when forming, punching or cutting , and save time and money in the process.

Up to 460% more durable forming and punching tools

In tests under real conditions in production facilities the new Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400 coating saw the service lifetimes of punching, cutting and forming tools increased by up to 460% (compared with previous standard solutions), reducing the frequency of tool replacement by up to a third. This represents a crucial advantage in terms of cost efficiency, especially in the field of automotive parts manufacture.


Coating properties

Hardness 3.000 ± 200 HV
Coating thicknesses 5-7 µm
Application temperature range 800 °C / 1.470 °F
Roughness < 0,1 µm
Colour Gold

Innovative PVD coating

  • A multi-layer AI(Cr,Ti)N-based functional layer with a custom adapted grip and top layer. It offers optimum resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear while at the same time guaranteeing optimised friction characteristics.
  • Developed at our research site in Düsseldorf
  • Tested under real conditions in production facilities

The dream team: Uddeholm Caldie tool steel and Duplex-VARIANTIC-1400

When it comes to cold work steel you need look no further than our fellow Group company UDDEHOLM. The company developed Uddeholm Caldie, a medium-alloyed tool steel for applications requiring a high degree of fracture resistance and compressive strength.

That makes Uddeholm Caldie the ideal cold work steel for punching and forming workpieces made from AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) and thus the optimum basis for the innovative Duplex-VARIANTIC-1400 coating.

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Product datasheet

Product datasheet for Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400


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Steel for tools

Uddeholm Caldie: The ideal cold work steel for your tools.

Uddeholm Caldie

Would you like to learn more about the new Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400? Simply contact me.

Dr. Farwah Nahif

Dr. Farwah Nahif

Head of Research and Development

Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1400 is a premium solution among PVD coatings in the field of ultra-high strength forming.

Dr. Farwah Nahif, Head of Research and Development at voestalpine eifeler Vacotec GmbH

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