Laser cladding

using filler metals in powder or wire form is also referred to as

  • DMD (direct metal deposition) or
  • LMD (laser metal deposition)

This very new technology is opening up interesting


  • Creating new surface geometries (partial or large-area modification of existing geometries)
  • Creating new surface properties (e.g. increased thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength)
  • Preventive wear protection, e.g. for abrasion wear, sliding wear and friction wear
  • Creating functional layers (hot and cold forming, forging tools and deep-drawing dies)


  • Targeted application of wear protection layer
  • Creating functional layers on more cost-effective base materials, such as GS, St, GG etc.
  • Minimal thermal stress
  • Minimal reworking costs
  • Almost pore-free results


  • Partial/comprehensive deposition welding with corresponding filler material
  • Minimal dilution of the base material
  • Minimal heat input into the component surface
  • Use of more economical base materials (e.g. St37, 16MnCr5, C22, GS45 etc.) with higher quality wear protection layers
  • Targeted application of the protection layer
  • Wear protection layers for the specific load case

Are you looking for experienced partners in deposition welding?

Laser deposition welding is a new and innovative technology. To experts, deposition welding using filler metals in powder or wire form is also known as DMD (direct metal deposition) or LMD (laser metal deposition). If you want to process components or tools or make modifications to functional surfaces or edges, your best move would be to get in touch with eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH, the experts in effective deposition welding.

Our customers benefit from deposition welding in many ways: For example, this technology offers preventive protection against abrasion wear, sliding wear or friction wear. In addition, deposition welding makes it possible to create functional layers (hot and cold forming, forging tools and deep-drawing dies). If you are interested in targeted build-up of a wear protection layer, eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH is the right partner for you. You can also gain from our wealth of experience in other areas of laser material processing, such as laser hardening.


Application examples of deposition welding

  • Processing components or tools
  • Modifications to functional areas or edges


  • Contour modifications
  • Design
  • Deposition for targeted hardness increase
  • Deposition to reduce cold shut


  • Cutting tools
  • Drawing and forming tools (folding and folding-press dies)
  • Hot forming tools
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