PVD coatings for cutting tools

voestalpine eifeler Coatings has developed a series of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) for the cutting tools coating industry. The coating for cutting tool using the high and ultra-high speeds generate much heat which can weaken the tool and reduce tool life. Common failure modes that a coating can protect against are premature edge wear, thermal failure and edge build-up. This is mainly achieved through reduced friction, abrasion protection and reduction of edge buildup. With the introduction of CROSAL®-plus, eifeler created a PVD coating with greatly improved thermal stability for the most demanding applications. This provides significantly improved tool life over traditional coatings such as AlTiN, TiCN and TiN.

Our Coatings

  • SUBLIME®: Our newest PVD technology with exceptional impact resistance at high temperatures for the harshest operations. Perfect for gear cutting.
  • CROSAL®-plus: Outstanding hot hardness combines with superior coating adhesion. Ideal substitute when AlTiN doesn’t perform.
  • SISTRAL®: A coating suitable for dry high-speed processing of hardened materials (>54 HRC).
  • EXXTRAL®-plus: Stable at high temperatures applications where abrasion resistance is required. Suitable for hard machining.
  • TiN: Good all-round and basic coating with low friction coefficient. Gold color.
  • TiCN: Excellent choice on drills and reamers where moderate temperatures are created. Must be used with coolant.

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