EXXTRAL® Multilayer Coating

EXXTRAL®-Plus - For high-performance cutting

EXXTRAL®-plus, a coating based on aluminum-titanium nitride, for the highest requirements in cutting of hardened steel, in case of high-performance cutting with or without cooling lubricant.

The anthracite-coloured EXXTRAL®-plus is characterized by a very high hardness. The properties are retained up to high thermal and mechanical loads. EXXTRAL®-plus is highly inoxidizable and is provided with a low heat conduction coefficient.

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  • Cutting
    Main focus on cemented carbide milling tools for hard cutting and in the high-performance machining!

Deposition technology:

Application of the EXXTRAL® multilayer coating is implemented by means of PVD technology. This allows the deposition of the layer on tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides or many other materials with temperatures less than 450° C.

In numbers:

Material: Aluminum-titanium nitride, AlTiN (stacked)
Microhardness HV 0.05: 3300 ± 300
Coefficient of friction against steel 100 Cr6: 0.7
Layer thickness [µm]: 2 – 4 [1]
Maximum application temperature: 800° C / 1470° F
Color: Anthracite
General characteristic: High hardness, high oxidation stability, low heat conduction coefficient
Preferred applications: Processing of hardened steel; high-performance process, lubricated (KSS), semi-dry (MMS) or dry processing; Cutting operations under in-service conditions, where other layers reach the limit of the thermal and mechanical stability

[1] Dependent on tool size, also for micro-tools of less than 2 µm.

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