MOLDADUR®-P - Scratch protection for sensitive surfaces

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The protective layer for polished and structured surfaces in plastic mold construction.

MOLDADUR®-P is a special plasma process of voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH, which creates a protective layer on highly sensitive surfaces. The surface is thereby lastingly protected against wear or damage. Suitable for polished and structured surfaces on plastic molds.

MOLDADUR®-P creates a scratch-resistant surface without altering the surface quality and while preserving the visual appearance. MOLDADUR®-P, compared to conventional processes, is able to very uniformly copy the surface contours – even within depressions – while also creating a constant surface hardness on the entire tool. This is achieved primarily through the perfectly adapted process management in small systems (max. component size of Ø  33.4646″ x 31.4961″ (Ø 850 x 800 mm).



Treatable steels / surface hardness

All common tool steels with
tempering temperatures
≥ 380 °C are treatable;
the achievable surface
hardness is dependent on
the alloy composition of
the steel. The properties
of corrosion-resistant
steels are preserved with
Treatable steels All metallically bright steel
surfaces are treatable
with MOLDADUR®-P, for
example dash-polished,
structure-polished, or
high-gloss polished tools.
A high-gloss polished
surface is a very good precondition in this case. After
the surface treatment, a
repolishing is possible.
The treatment temperature lies in the range of
380 °C to 470 °C, depending on the material.



  • Protection against scratches and wear
  • Uniform increases of surface hardness
  • Weldable
  • Coatable
  • No changes in dimensions