DUMATIC® Coating

DUMATIC® – titanium carbide - Highest levels of hardness and abrasion resistance for forming applications

Coating structure

This layer combines the advantages of Duplex-TiCN and FORMATIC®. The new DUMATIC® layer is always manufactured as a Duplex version, therefore with a plasma diffusion process of the base material. The layer itself has a structured multi-layer design with high content of TiC (approx. 4000 HV! ). The uppermost layer is developed as slide-favorable and colored sealing coat. Contact us to learn more about the pvd-coated carbide.

Forming material-forming technology

Drawing, stamping, pressing and forming tools for the processing of high-alloy chrome/nickel materials and similar requirements. Due to the high hardness, especially suitable for cold forming and the cutting of high-strength plates and for cold forging processes with high surface pressure.

The DUMATIC® layer indicates a very low tendency to cold welding with high-alloy stainless steel qualities.

As a result of the relatively low oxidation stability, DUMATIC® coating is not suitable for higher contact temperatures, as are capable of occurring e.g. with semi-warm forming technology.


In numbers:

Hardness:  3.700 ± 500 HV
Maximum application temperature:  400°C / 750°F
Coefficient of friction against steel: 0.25
Layer thickness: 3-5 µm
Color: roan


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