TiN Coating

TiN - Our well-proven all-round coating

The titanium nitride layer has for a long time been the well-proven standard layer type through its balanced properties.

The golden titanium nitride layer, abbrev. TiN, indicates the following properties:

  • High hardness and adhesion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance in air
  • Relatively low thermal conductivity
  • Biocompatible and food compatible
  • Attractive, golden color


  • Cutting:
    Milling, turning, grinding and cutting tools for the processing of Fe metals and steel materials
  • Forming:
    Drawing, stamping, pressing and forming tools for the processing of steel sheets
  • Plastic molding:
    For tools which are exposed to a high level of abrasive wear of e.g.; mineral filled organic materials, improvement of the mold release in die casting molds.
  • Decorative applications:
    Where, as well as the gold-similar color, particularly high requirements are made on the abrasion resistance.
  • Special features:
    Titanium nitride shows very low reactivity with respect to Fe metals. Therefore the tool wear through cold weld-on is significantly reduced. The attractive golden color and the especially high human-body compatibility of TiN determine the application both for decorative as well as medical applications.
  • Deposition technology:
    The application of the TiN coating is implemented by means of PVD technology. This allows the deposition of the layer on tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides or many other materials with temperatures less than 450°C.

    • A low temperature version of this coating is also available for temperature sensitive tooling. Please contact your local representative for more information.
  • General machining
    • TiN Coating works well for coating for general machining and tapping

Technical Information

Material: Titanium nitride, TiN
Micro-hardness HV 0.05: 2300 ± 300
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0.6
Layer thickness [µm]: 2-4 [1]
Maximums application temperature: 500° C / 900° F
Color: gold
General characteristic: All-round coating
Preferred applications: Processing / machining of iron based materials; metal shaping; plastic shaping

[1] Dependent on tool size, for micro-tools also of less than 2 µm.

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