CROSAL®-Plus - That your tools withstand even highest temperatures

CROSAL®-Plus coating is eifeler’s next generation AlCrN based hard coating.
The new coating system is an advanced development of our well-established CROSAL® coating.
As a result of optimized process parameters and a tailor-made coating microstructure this versatile high-performance coating covers all key requirements:

  • high oxidation resistance
  • outstanding hot hardness
  • excellent coating adhesion

Your plus in metal cutting
CROSAL®-Plus is perfectly suited for challenging applications within the fields of dry cutting,
punching and forming.


CROSAL®-Plus is especially suited for the following applications:


  • Hobbing of alloy and stainless steels, cast iron and challenging materials
  • Drilling and milling of alloy and stainless steels, cast iron and changeling materials
  • Dry broaching of tough alloys


  • Fine blanking
  • Hot pressing
  • Al die casting

Technical Information

Hardness 3.200 ± 300 HV
Max. temperature of operation 1100 °C / 2012 °F
Coeff. of friction against steel 0.45
Coating thickness 2-5 µm
Colour slate-grey


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