TiCN PVD Coating

TiCN – Titancarbonitrid - If it should be a little harder than TiN

The titanium carbo-nitride layer indicates the following properties:

  • Very high hardness
  • High level of adhesion to substrate
  • Relatively high thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of friction against steel

Special features:

In spite of its very high hardness, TiCN pvd coating does not have high brittleness, which is absolutely necessary for many applications, such as during interrupted cutting in machining. Frequently the application of TiCN layers results in a significant extension of lifetime with respect to TIN-coated tools.

Deposition technology:

The deposition of the TiCN layers take place by means of PVD technology. This allows the deposition of the layer on tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides or many other materials with T < 450° C.



  • Cutting:
    Milling, turning, drilling and cutting tools for the processing of high-alloy and low-alloy steels with high feed and cutting speeds; very suitable for HSS mills in the area of steel machining.
  • Forming:
    Drawing, stamping, pressing and forming tools for the processing of high-alloy and low-alloy steels and e.g. stainless steel sheets.
  • Non Ferrous Machining Coating

Like TiN, TiCN is also suitable for applications in plastic molding and in the decorative sector!

Technical Information

Material: Titanium carbo-nitride, TiCN (multi-layers)
Microhardness HV 0.05: 3500 ± 500
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0.2
Layer thickness [µm]: 2 – 4 [1]
Maximum application temperature: 400° C / 750° F
Color: blue-gray (anthracite)
General characteristic: High hardness, excellent abrasive resistance, improved toughness
Preferred applications: Cutting of steel alloys difficult to machine; high-performance cutting – if moderate temperatures arise at the edges; excellent for metal forming (e.g. of stainless steel)

[1] Dependent on tool size, also for micro-tool of less than 2 µm.

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