The coating that redefines the service life for gear cutting tool applications

When it comes to gear tooling, the demands placed on tools are immense. Machining workpieces in dry cutting, results in higher temperatures with faster cutting speeds. Even for wet machining, the requirements remain very high. With SUBLIME® PVD Coating, we now offer you a coating for gear and cutting tools that yields a long service life with better life finishes, for all your gear tooling needs.

Coating Advantages

  • Up to 130% longer service life in benchmark tests involving chemically comparable coating alternatives such as AlTiN and AlCrN.
  • Good for harder materials with strong thermal stability.
  • Running faster results in better efficiency with more parts produced in less time.
  • Excellent results for dry machining on gear hobs, shapers, stick blades and skive tooling.


  • Toothing – dry machining.
  • Toothing – wet machining.

Technical Information


Hardness: 3,300 ± 200 HV
Coating thickness 2.0 – 4.0 ± 1.0 μm
Maximum operation temperature: 1,100 °C / 2,012 °F
Coeff. of friction against steel: 0.7 – 0.8
Roughness on polished surfaces: 0.07 μm
Color: Grey


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