Special PVD Systems

As a result of having our own construction-design department, our own engineering sector and our own hardware and software manufacture, we can deal flexibly with customer preferences.
We build for you the matching PVD coating system, optimized to your requirements.

In the selection of the matching systems, we support layout, workflow and business case. Starting from your specific requirement, we recommend matching peripheral equipment (cleaning line, suitable measurement technology, ..) and adapted batching resources.

The calculation of the process times and the parts throughput helps you in efficiency considerations.

In our large service centers we get far more than 10,000 tools or components delivered daily for coating. We have the experience which will also help you find the best solution for your task definition.

Whether it involves special PVD systems for the coating of particularly large parts or special modifications of the standard systems for the coating of small and filigree parts whether it involves components for medical technology or series parts for automotive manufacturers.

voestalpine eifeler Vacotec has the experience and competence to offer the best technical and economical solution in each case.

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