ZrN PVD Coating

ZrN - Excellent corrosion and abrasive wear resistance

The improved ZrN PVD coating is especially suitable for machining aluminum alloys and is also a good choice for machining non-ferrous metals. The ZrN coating is also recommended for machining fiberglass, nylon and the majority of polymer materials.

The ZrN coating meets all biocompatibility requirements. Thanks to its corrosion resistance and chemical stability, ZrN can be used for medical components coming into direct contact with bones, skin, tissue or blood.


  • Cutting :
    General high-performance cutting
  • Stamping and forming:
    For applications in which the TiN leads to cold welding.
  • Decorative applications:
    The ZrN coating stands out due to its attractive colour and effectively protects against abrasive and adhesive wear


In numbers:

Hardness: 2.800 ± 300 HV
Maximum application temperature: 600°C /1.110°F
Coeff. of friction steel: 0,5
Layer thickness: 1-4 µm
Color: light yellow
Properties: Wear resistance, Very hard, Excellent corrosion resistance, Low friction coefficient, Good coating bonding, Attractive colour, Biocompatible, Medical applications


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