The multifunctional multilayer coating for extreme wear

The Duplex-VARIANTIC®-1000 is a multifunctional multilayer coating that represents an expansion of our PVD coatings for the forming process. Its high layer adhesion and excellent protection against abrasive wear is the reason it has been developed especially for the cold forming of highstrength steels.

DUPLEX-VARIANTIC®-1000 Multifunctional Multilayer Coating

Product Features:

  • Can be deposited on tool steels, HSS, hard metals or materials at temperatures under
    450 °C.
  • Application by means of PVD technology.
  • Use of the voestalpine eifeler Duplex technology.



Forming: Drawing, pressing and forming tools for the working of high strength steels.


Coating Properties:

Material Titanium aluminium carbonitride, TiAlCN
Microhardness 4,000 ± 200 HV
Max. application temp. 800 °C / 1,470 °F
Coating thickness Approx. 9 µm
Roughness with comparable substrate quality Ra 0.04 µm;
Rz 0.6 µm
Colour Dark reddish gold


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