Ultrafine PVD Coating

"ultrafine" - Smooth and dense PVD arc coatings from eifeler

“ultrafine” is our label for a line of coatings, which offers the deciding benefit, if smooth and hard PVD arc coatings with a very good adhesion are needed .

Smooth is easy! But smooth, well adhesive, hard and economical? This is a challenge.

Our SPCS-technology is the solution. SPCS stands for “strongly poisoned cathode surface” and describes our special PVD arc deposition technology, leading to outstanding coating properties by an innovative control mechanism of the process gases.

Several serial applications are already established for: TiN-ultrafine, TiCN-ultrafine. SISTRAL®-ultrafine PVD coating will shortly follow.

These smooth and defect poor coatings are characterized by a very good adhesion and a high hardness. This gives a benefit for applications like e.g.: cutting, micro cutting, surgical instruments and plastic molding.

“ultrafine”: smooth and brilliant PVD arc coatings – even without post finish operations.

Contact us today for more information on coating for micro tools.


  • Cutting
  • Micro tools & cutting
  • Plastic molding
  • medical components
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